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Rooted in the Past, Revolutionized for the Future

We’d love to tell you we invented it, but aquaponics isn’t a new idea. It actually dates back to the Aztecs, who raised fish and vegetable crops alongside one another. A lot about farming has changed since then, and it isn’t all necessarily for the better. At Revolution Farms, we want to rethink that: to make everything about the way we grow, produce, transport, and consume our produce better.

All that starts with bringing produce closer to home. With indoor aquaponics, that’s possible—even in the midst of a brutal Michigan winter. When the farmer’s markets and roadside stands of summer have closed, we’ll still be here: all year round, making the freshest lettuce possible available to our neighbors in West Michigan and other cities throughout the state. That means consistency and quality you can count on every time.   

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How It Works


The fish and water work together, engaging in a symbiotic relationship that’s similar to what occurs in nature—only better. It’s cleaner, it’s controlled, and produces very little waste—a fraction compared to traditional field production.

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