Healthier, Superior Greens.

We grow ultra-local, ultra-fresh lettuce and greens all year round. Our lettuce tastes better—like it was just picked. Because it was.

We eliminate more than six days and 2,000 miles of shipping – making soggy, sad, subpar lettuce a thing of the past for Midwesterners.

Michigan Spring Mix

Green Butter • Red Oak • Sweet Crisp

This mix meets your everyday salad needs all year long. Buy the Michigan Spring Mix for a nutritious, hassle-free flavor that won’t disappoint. Learn more about our Michigan Spring Mix > 

Buttery Bibb

We’re not afraid to say it, this lettuce is likable as heck. Buttery Bibb is beyond beautiful and ready for every occasion. Learn more about our Buttery Bibb > 

Robust Romaine

Not your average supermarket Romaine. Darker than any other romaine you’ve ever seen, which means it’s jam-packed with more nutrients. Learn more about our Robust Romaine> 

Great Lakes Gourmet

Green Sweet Crisp • Green Oak • Green Romaine

Fresh, local lettuce with more nutrients than ever to keep you keeping on. Everything we love in one special, gourmet blend. Learn more about our Great Lakes Gourmet > 

Better Than Organic

Better than Organic. It’s fresh, healthier, and simply superior. Our lettuce is grown to full maturity and picked at its peak, so it packed full of nutrients and flavor. Always pesticide-residue free, non-GMO certified and of course, 100% gluten free.

High in Vitamins

High in Minerals


Full of Flavor

Other Lettuce Revolution Farms Lettuce

Slide to see the difference between our bigger, healthier, greener lettuce, compared to the leading national farm.

It’s Fresh

Because we’re local, we can deliver our lettuce to your grocer’s shelves in days, not weeks. We carefully tend to our lettuce, preventing damage to leaves and cell walls, keeping it crisp and fresh up to three weeks.

It’s Healthier

We uphold the highest standards of food safety by handling our lettuce from seed to final package in a completely enclosed environment.

It’s Superior

By growing in nutrient-rich water, without soil, we drastically lower water use, the risk of contamination from wildlife and protect the produce from potential runoff from nearby facilities.

Every season is growing season.

Our balanced ecosystem protects and nourishes our crops in all seasons, producing a year-round, picture-perfect harvest. That’s about 1.5 million pounds of produce every year!

How We Do It