Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy your lettuce?

Our lettuce is available at grocery stores throughout Michigan, including 24 West Michigan Meijer stores, Family Fare, D&W Fresh Market, VG’s, Forest Hills Foods and many independent grocery stores, as well as at many of your favorite restaurants.

Do you offer any produce besides lettuce?

Right now, we grow six varieties of lettuce, including Red and Green Sweet Crisp, Romaine, Bibb, Red and Green Oak. In the greenhouse, we are currently working with other varietals of greens and soon herbs, from which we will create new, rare and “seasonal” salad mixes.

Where is Revolution Farms lettuce packaged?

Our lettuce is grown, harvested, and packaged all in our facility, all under one roof. That means it is picked at its peak and goes straight from the greenhouse into a climate-controlled cooler, which helps it stay fresh even longer. With our strong distribution partnerships, we can provide transparency through every step of the process, right up until it’s on your store shelf or on your plate in a restaurant.

Is hydroponic lettuce more sustainable than field-grown lettuce?

Yes. Hydroponically-grown lettuce uses 90 percent less water and 90 percent less land than lettuce grown in fields. Since Michigan’s climate doesn’t support year-round farming outdoors, our greenhouse and hydroponics system also allows us to grow 365 days a year. So even during the frigid Midwest winters, your family can eat healthier and more sustainably. This means the lettuce is not traveling so far to get to your plate… about 95 percent fewer miles, to be exact!

Why is local produce better?

Because we’re growing in Michigan, our lettuce is fresher when it gets to your plate, sometimes the very next day after harvest! That means it lasts longer and has more nutrients than lettuce that sat on a truck for several days to get to the store. We’re also supporting the local economy and creating high-tech agriculture jobs right here in West Michigan.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! While it doesn’t have the recycling symbol on the plastic carton, it is recyclable, and in fact is a #1 plastic, the most recyclable of all the plastic types.

How do you support your community?

Our community is incredibly important to us. We know there is a need for fresh produce at food pantries, and so we have committed to donate at least one percent of everything we grow to local organizations like schools, Feeding America West Michigan and Baxter Community Center.

Is your lettuce pre-washed?

Our lettuce is not pre-washed, and we recommend washing before enjoying. Our hydroponic, greenhouse farming methods mean the lettuce goes from seed to harvest in an indoor facility. It is certified pesticide residue-free, so we do not wash it to ensure it has the longest possible shelf life – up to three weeks!

Revolution Farms strictly adheres to the Food Safety Modernization Act and has its own Food Safety Plan that goes beyond basic compliance to provide consumer with the freshest, healthiest greens possible.

Is it organic?

We like to say that Revolution Farms lettuce is “better than organic.” Why?
1. Our lettuce is certified non-GMO.

2. We grow indoors, which means our lettuce has built-in protection from insects and other animals that may want to eat our greens. To control any pests that manage to sneak into our space, we use something called Integrated Pest Management or beneficial bugs to control the not-so helpful ones.
3. We grow locally for the Midwest. About 98 percent of lettuce that consumers in Michigan and surrounding states currently purchase comes from California or Arizona. It’s grown in dirt, harvested in a hot field and then transported across the country in a truck – all of which leads to lettuce that doesn’t last long in your refrigerator. This also brings us to the next and most important point…
4. We’re sustainable. We use 90 percent less water, 90 percent less land and 90 percent fewer food miles to get your salad greens to you. Because our environment matters to us, and we want to keep our state beautiful for generations to come.
5. Nothing is wasted. We have committed to donate at least one percent of our annual production to Feeding America West Michigan. We love our community, and we take pride in adding fresh produce to local food pantries, and to our neighbors’ refrigerators. We work with a local farm to ensure roots/plant waste parts of the plant become dinner for their cows and pigs. And most importantly, the water our plants grow in is filtered, recycled and re-used to avoid run-off and ensure there’s no waste of
our most precious natural resource.
6. We grow in a closed-loop system. Our salad greens spend their entire life in our building, from seed to final package. This means there is complete transparency and traceability in our system, and no opportunities for cross-contamination, unlike most produce that’s shipped somewhere else to be processed, and then packaged with produce from other farms.