Every Season is Growing Season

Just off a quiet country road in Caledonia, Michigan, we’ve created the ideal indoor environment where produce can thrive. Inside the facility is an 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art greenhouse and an on-site packaging line.

By blending technology and biology, supply chain and advanced agriculture, our facility harnesses natural light, automatically adjusts temperature, wind, shade, and carbon dioxide. Our fresh greens are cut at the peak of growth, immediately packaged on-site and delivered to your local grocery store in 1-2 days.

Our balanced ecosystem protects and nourishes our crops in all seasons, producing a year-round, picture-perfect harvest. That’s about 350,000-450,000 pounds of produce every year! 

Rooted in the Past, Revolutionized for the Future

Revolution Farms Traditional Farming-04.jpg
Revolution Farms Traditional Farming-03.jpg

Farming is changing and at Revolution Farms, we are working to do it better than ever.

We are actively rethinking how we grow, produce, transport, and consume fresh produce and greens. At the same time, we are working to understand how to increase nutritional value into every leaf and every bite.

Revolution Farms Traditional Farming-05-05.jpg

All that starts with bringing produce closer to home. With our indoor greenhouse, that’s possible—even in the midst of a brutal Michigan winter.

When the farmer’s markets and roadside stands of summer have closed, we’ll still be here: all year round, making the freshest lettuce possible available to our neighbors in West Michigan and other cities throughout the state.

That means consistency and quality you can count on every time.