Lettuce and
Artisan Greens

Fresher • Healthier • Superior


Better, fresher lettuce. Grown all year.

Lettuce grows quickly and easily. It’s a staple in most households. But, right now, nearly all West Michigan lettuce is shipped from Arizona and California, and it loses a little more oomph with every state it has to cross.

By growing lettuce locally, we can eliminate more than six days and 2,000 miles of shipping—and ultimately make soggy, sad, subpar lettuce a thing of the past. At least for Michiganders.



About Our Lettuce

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It’s Fresh

Because we’re local, we can deliver our lettuce to your grocer’s shelves in days, not weeks. That means it tastes better—like it was just picked. Because it was. We carefully tend to our lettuce, preventing damage to leaves and cell walls, keeping it crisp and fresh up to three weeks.

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It’s Healthier

Our lettuce grown to full maturity and picked at its peak, so it packed full of nutrients and flavor. Our process allows us to pack our lettuce without running it through chlorine water, which is what happens to lettuce grown in dirt. Revolution Farms is also free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, non-GMO certified, and of course, 100% gluten free. No kidding.  

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It’s Simply Superior

We uphold the highest standards of food safety by handling our lettuce from seed to final package in a completely enclosed environment. By growing in nutrient-rich water, without soil, we drastically lower water use, the risk of contamination from wildlife and protect the produce from potential runoff from nearby facilities. By owning the warehouse and packaging system, Revolution Farms creates a controlled supply chain that prevents commingling with produce from other farms.



Our Products

Original Salad Mix Placeholder.jpg

Original Salad Mix: The Diplomat

Green Butter • Red Oak • Sweet Crisp

Original Salad Mix is out to please everyone—and does. With a refreshing blend of colors, textures, and flavors, it’s as attractive as it is tasty. Green Butter brings the sweetness, Red Oak adds some zing, and Sweet Crisp gives it a tender crunch. It’s versatile, it’s accommodating, it’s your ideal, all-around salad base.     

Green Bibb Lettuce Placeholder.jpg

Beautiful Bibb: The Superstar

Green Butter

Green Butter wins the popularity contest, hands down. Its sweet, buttery taste satisfies even the pickiest palates and its soft texture makes it easygoing for every eater: from toddlers to grandmas. Comfort food at its best, this single-variety Bibb lettuce is a sure winner.

Garden Greens Packaging.png

Garden Greens: The Connoisseur

Green Oak • Sweet Crisp • Romaine

Garden Greens is the salad mix made for more distinguished tastes. It has a rustic feel and adventurous flavor profile, with a little bite, a little crispiness, and a lot of green. It’s like it came from your own garden, but, even better, it came from us!


Robust Romaine Packaging.png

Robust Romaine: The Prodigy


Our Robust Romaine is not the lettuce you think you know. And that’s a good thing. Unlike supermarket romaine, ours is only the lush, green leaves—with none of the under-developed, nutrient-deficient, yellow inner leaves. It’s crunchy, but not tough; it’s flavorful and rich; and it’s convenient—ready to go from package to plate in minutes.


Available at grocery stores throughout Michigan and many of your favorite restaurants.