Buttery Bibb Living Lettuce


Buttery Bibb Living Lettuce from Revolution Farms arrives to stores and to consumers’ homes alive! Grown to the same, exacting standard as our cut Buttery Bibb, our Living Lettuce is unmatched in its freshness and flavor.

Just wash and tear or cut off leaves for use in salads or sandwiches.

Free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, non-GMO certified and of course, 100% gluten free.

Better Than Organic

Our mission is to serve you the freshest, most sustainable, best-tasting lettuce and greens, and achieve a product that is better than organic.

High in Vitamins

High in Minerals

Low-calorie Food

Full of Flavor

From the Buttery Bibb Living Lettuce Fans

“The most beautiful lettuce I’ve ever seen!

I found [Buttery Bibb Living Lettuce] cleaner and in better shape. I didn’t have to throw away the outer leaves. The taste was wonderful. And the shelf life is phenomenal.” – Janice

“Are you tired of the same ole boring lettuce wraps?

Butter lettuce is the perfect choice when it comes to making wraps. The leaves have the right texture and shape to hold the filling. Additionally, the taste is mild and goes with any filling. Buttery Bibb Living Lettuce helped me create the best chicken lettuce wraps I’ve ever eaten.” – Beverly

Where To Buy

Revolution Farms salad greens are available in SpartanNash stores including Family Fare, D&W and VG’s across the state, as well as 24 West Michigan Meijer stores, Bridge Street Market, Forest Hills foods and independent retailers. Don’t see our lettuce in your store? Ask for it!

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