Entrée Salads


Have you aquainted yourself with Michigan’s newest, freshest, ready-to-enjoy, gourmet meal option? These beauties have been in the works for months and are calling your name. Carefully and thoughtfully curated, each Entree Salad uses shockingly premium ingredients, guaranteed to satisfy your lunch or dinner tastebuds.  Free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, non-GMO certified and of course, 100% gluten free.

Better Than Organic

Our mission is to serve you the freshest, most sustainable, best-tasting lettuce and greens, and achieve a product that is better than organic.

High in Vitamins

High in Minerals

Low-calorie Food

Full of Flavor

From the Entrée Salad Fans

“Get Outta Here With These Salads!

From this point on, I no longer have to shop for lunch options.  These salads are ridiculously delicious and almost enough to provide two meals in each container.  Added bonus?  My fridge is going to look so pretty stocked with these beauties too.” – Janine

“A Salad Kit I Can Get On Board With.

I’ve tried about every salad kit on the market and have come out disappointed until I sampled Rev Farm’s new ready-to-go salads.  Bam.  Never again will I purchase another kit.  All three are amazing and have saved my unhealthy lunch habit of fast food.” – Danika

Where To Buy

Revolution Farms Entree Salads are available in all Meijer stores across the state and will become staples in many other retailers around the state very soon.  Stay tuned for updates!  Don’t see them in your favorite store? Ask for them!