Where can I buy your lettuce?

Our lettuce is available at grocery stores throughout Michigan, including Family Fare, D&W Fresh Market, VG’s and Forest Hills Foods, as well as at many of your favorite restaurants.

Do you offer any produce beside lettuce?

Right now, you can purchase five styles of lettuce and greens, including: Sweet Crisp, Romaine, Bibb, Red Oak and Green Oak. In the greenhouse, we are currently working with other varietals of greens and herbs from which we will create new, rare and “seasonal” salad mixes.

Where is Revolution Farms lettuce packaged?

Our lettuce is grown, harvested and packaged all in our facility, all under one roof. That means it is picked only at its peak, and goes straight from the greenhouse into a climate-controlled cooler, which helps it stay fresh even longer. With our strong distribution partnerships, we can provide transparency through every step of the process, right up until it’s on your store shelf or on your plate in a restaurant.

Is hydroponically-grown lettuce more sustainable than lettuce grown in fields?

Yes. Hydroponically-grown lettuce uses 80 percent less water and 90 percent less land than lettuce grown in fields. Since Michigan’s climate doesn’t support year-round farming outdoors, our greenhouse and hydroponics system also allows us to grow 365 days a year. So even during the frigid Midwest winters, your family can eat healthier and more sustainably. This means the lettuce is not traveling so far to get to your plate… about 95 percent fewer miles, to be exact!

Why is local produce better?

Because we’re growing in Michigan, and picked at its peak, our lettuce is fresher when it gets to your plate, sometimes the very next day after harvest! That means it lasts longer and has more nutrients than lettuce that sat on a truck for a few days to get to the store. We’re also supporting the local economy and creating high-tech agriculture jobs right here in West Michigan.