When will the aquaponics facility be up and running?

It’s up and running now! Construction was completed September, 2018.

When can I buy your lettuce?

Lettuce is now available for purchase at select grocery stores and restaurants! We had our first harvest in October, 2018!

Where can I buy your lettuce?

Our lettuce is available at grocery stores throughout Michigan and many of your favorite restaurants.

Do you offer any produce beside lettuce?

As of now, we only offer lettuce. We plan to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and other produce in the future.

Do the fish swim with the lettuce?

The fish are in separate containers from the lettuce. We wouldn't want them nibbling the lettuce roots!

Does aquaponically grown lettuce grow faster than traditional farming?

Yes. Aquaponically grown lettuce grows about 75% faster, taking only 42 days instead of 55 days.

Why haven’t I heard of Aquaponics? Where did Aquaponics come from?

There's a pretty big story behind it. Basically, aquaponics is pretty young industry. It's only been done on a commercial scale for about thirty years. Not many commercial aquaponics farms exist. Revolution Farms is leading the way!