Our Story

The Beginning

It all started with good friends, sharing ideas to change the world, around a beer… as any good story does.

These friends all shared a mutual interest in growing food that is safer, healthier and tastes better. They believed that food could be local and sustainable AND grown in Michigan 365 days/year. They knew that a disruption like that could also make it possible to bring food production directly into the communities that need it most. They believed a farm could be neighborly and produce at a large-enough scale to feed entire communities.

It was this group of experienced entrepreneurs who decided to launch Revolution Farms, and together, they created the most innovative greenhouse-growing facility in the world.

Why West Michigan?

With more than 12,000 farms in the greater Grand Rapids area, West Michigan is one of the most productive agriculture regions in the United States. Combined with a rich legacy of innovation, an expanding and active startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem, in a place with the lowest unemployment, most productive farmland, and a legacy of advancing new business ideas, where else would we be? 


Revolution Farms is now a reality, producing 10,000 pounds of fresh, sustainable lettuce and salad greens every week. Our greenhouse is a completely closed, indoor system, using 80 percent less water and 90 percent less land as traditional farms. Our farm is situated close to grocery centers, resulting in 95 percent fewer miles to get our lettuce and greens to your plate.

We are proud to serve the freshest, most sustainable, best tasting, longest-lasting lettuce and salad greens. As a startup, we are continuously improving our systems and processes, and as a result, we are getting smarter and more efficient every week. 

Our vision is to change the world, one farm at a time. We hope you love our lettuce!



Leading and Advancing Sustainability

As conditions change for food production—like climate, labor, sustainability, and market preferences—industry has an obligation to respond. We believe greenhouse farming is a solution to the many challenges faced by the future of agriculture. Our system uses 80 percent less water, 90 percent less land and requires 95 percent less travel in a truck than other leading year-round lettuce farms currently supplying Midwest stores.

As with any process, there’s always opportunity to evolve. Our vision is to take the technology of today and continuously improve it for tomorrow. Our goal is to share our successes, learn from our mistakes, and lead the industry into maturity.

Serving the Local Market

We’re committed to our neighbors in Grand Rapids and all of Michigan. We want to see more local food on our own tables, and we know you do, too. Our indoor facility allows us to bring fresh produce year round to what is viewed as a summer-only region. A thriving farming community already exists here, and we're excited to add a new dimension to it! 



Join Our Team

Innovative, Passionate, Forward-Thinking People

Revolution Farms is a high-growth agriculture company that is leading the New Food Economy.

As a company rooted in vision and values, every member of our team plays an important part to our success. As we innovate, we continuously have new positions and new job types available, which means the learning and excitement never end!

Working with Revolution Farms means bringing together state-of-the-art technology with a passion for local farming. It means working with people who are entrepreneurial, vastly ahead of the curve and inherently innovative.

Revolution Farms is a team where everyone contributes ideas and works together to make amazing things happen. Like our fresh and healthy greens, we want to see every member of our team grow.


Head Grower 

Job Summary: Revolution Farms is looking for an enthusiastic candidate who shares a love of growing plants. This person should embrace Revolution Farms’ values of sustainable development while creating more nutritious food. Our hope is to find a committed individual who can share in the growing of this new, cutting-edge produce company. 

Join a team that embraces innovative plant science, leading to better quality products.This key position is responsible for all growing operations including water chemistry, food safety, biologicals, and growth strategies. The position will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer. 


  • Collaborating with the extended team to improve and enhance system performance

  • Manage the grow plan

  • Product quality and order fulfillment

  • Strategic yield enhancement practices

  • Must oversee the cultivation procedures and nutrient protocols, keeping accurate records and presenting the results in a timely manner to the appropriate executives.

  • Follow strict standards related to the grow operations and will be responsible for KPI Reporting and monitoring on a regular basis.

  • Expert knowledge of plant diseases, insects and fungi, and integrated pest management treatment

  • Management of direct reports 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Science, Horticulture or Related Field

  • 5-10 years’ experience in management role in commercial greenhouse production

  • Understanding of all aspects of crop production and growing

  • Experience with climate control software platforms

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office

  • Available to work weekends and work flexible hours as required

  • Commercial production experience in hydroponics

  • Commercial production experience in leafy greens and herbs

  • Superior problem-solving and analytical skills

  • Extremely well organized

  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills

  • Experience with business intelligence systems

  • Reliable and highly motivated

  • Passionate commitment to the company vision

To apply for the Head Grower position, or to inquire about other open positions, email your resume through the “Learn More” button below.